Coating systems for the aircraft interior


Reliability, Durability, Elegance.



Высшее качество покраски

Легкость и Надежность


Supplier of Spare Parts for Aircrafts

Our mission: to provide air companies with spare parts, aggregates, repair services and coating compositions  for Russian aircrafts and for Boeing and Aerobus.

Our approach:  to complete an order quickly and qualitative.

We supply new spare parts and aggregates and also perform work for repair arrangements with our partners who are the leading producers of equipment and materials.

Collaboration with the companies listed on our site allows us to provide high quality product for air companies in Russia.


Examples of our projects:

Various materials and equipment for Aeroflot planes Tu-154M/Il-86/Il-96

Guarantee program for technical service of extra fine grade armchairs by Veber company.

Delivery of spare parts and aggregates for Russian Air Companies

Preparing of spare parts and aggregates’ repair for Russian Air Companies

Painting of “Sukhoi SuperJet 100” plane’s interior by coating systems by Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co.


We are ready to consider your business proposals or just answer your questions.


Our company has agreements with leading producers of aerospace industry for service and repair of spare parts and aggregates. We are certified by Facultative certification system of civil aviation subjects of GosNII GA.



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